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Kolkata Knight Riders Vs Kings XI Punjab Live Score (T20)

Match 18 | 21 April, 2018 | Eden Gardens, Kolkata

126 / 1 Overs11.1 R/R11.28 Fours14 Sixes8 Extras2

Match Status: Match Ended

Match Result: Kings XI Punjab beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 9 wickets (D/L method)

Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Chris Gayle 62 38 5 6
Mayank Agarwal 2 2 0 0
  • KL Rahul is chosen for the Man of the Match award! That's all from this match. You can now quickly switch over to the other game going on between Bangalore and Delhi. The latter is put to bat and is in all sorts of trouble. See you there.
  • Kolkata will like to forget this game quickly. Their batting did a very good job but then faltered a bit towards the end. They still had a big total to defend but their bowlers looked very much clueless against the onslaught by Gayle and Rahul. All in all, they got thoroughly outplayed in their own den.
  • A commanding win for Punjab! Mind you, they were after a gigantic total but the pair of Gayle and Rahul made a complete mockery of it. The West Indian unleashed from the word go and the Indian didn't hold back either. Runs leaked from both ends as they amassed 73 runs in the Powerplay to put Kolkata on the back foot. After the rain break, the target was reduced to 125, meaning only 29 runs were needed off 28 balls. In spite of losing Rahul, they crossed the finish line with ease.
  • 11.1SIX! That's game, set and match! A biggie to seal the top spot in the points table for Punjab! What a show from them and Chris Gayle is all smiles. He's growing in confidence and looks to be threatening with each passing game. Curran hurls it on a length, Gayle clears the front leg and goes bang down the ground. The long on fielder comes across to his right, leaps to take it but the ball sails over him and goes over the fence. A DOMINATING 9-WICKET VICTORY FOR PUNJAB (DLS METHOD)!
  • Tom Curran into the attack.
  • 10.6Low full toss, dipping in, Gayle works it wide of long on for a single. A good over from Mavi. Punjab need just 5 more from 12 balls. 120/1
  • 10.5Swing and a miss! Angling away on a length outside off, Chris backs away and tries to hit one over cover but the ball keeps leaving him. Beaten!
  • 10.4On a length and stopping a bit off the surface, Gayle looks to tuck it away but gets it off the high portion of the bat to the left of the bowler.
  • 10.3Slants it away on a back of a length, slower in pace, Gayle makes room to cut it away but chops it off the bottom edge to the keeper.
  • 10.3Wide! Goes for another yorker but slips it down leg. Gayle tries clipping it away but misses.
  • 10.2Pinpoint yorker! Right into the blockhole, Gayle does well to bring his bat down in time and block it out.
  • 10.1Fuller delivery outside off, driven square on the off side for a single.
  • Shivam Mavi returns.
  • 9.6Stays put and pushes it back to Narine. 117/1
  • 9.5Shorter and flatter around middle and leg, Agarwal tucks it through square leg for a single.
  • Mayank Agarwal is the next man in.
  • 9.4OUT! In the air... gone this time! KL Rahul gets carried away, he wanted to put everything out of the park. Looks to pull this short ball but gets it off the top edge. The ball lobs towards deep mid-wicket where Tom Curran takes a good catch. So no 10-wicket victory for Punjab.
  • 9.3FOUR! Rahul is in a hurry to finish things off! Short and outside off, he rocks back and slaps it behind point for another boundary.
  • 9.2FOUR! Steps out of the crease and hits it cleanly through cover for a boundary.
  • 9.1SIX! Kaboom! It's fifty for KL Rahul as well. What a show these two have put up. Narine bowls a half-tracker, Rahul is quick to rock back and slam it over the deep mid-wicket fence for a maximum.
  • Sunil Narine will bowl from the other end.
  • 8.6Full around middle and leg, Gayle looks to swipe it across the line but misses to wear it on the pads. 102/0
  • 8.5Flatter through the air outside off, punched off the back foot towards cover.
  • 8.4Quicker through the air and sliding across, Gayle goes back to go big over the leg side but misses.
  • 8.3SIX! And Gayle continues from where he left off! The rain break has not done any bad to him. It's fifty for him, third in a row. He's on a roll this season. A loopy full toss, dipping in, Gayle hammers it straight back down the ground for a maximum. 100 up for Punjab!
  • We are back and so are the players. Should be a stroll in the park for the the visitors as Chris Gayle and KL Rahul have been on the rampage mode so far. They would be looking to come out and wrap things up quickly. Piyush Chawla will continue his pending over...
  • 2005 local time - After a lot of rain, the groundsmen have done well to let the game resume. The revised target is 125 for Punjab. It has been reduced to a 13-over game so just 29 runs are required off 28 balls and the match will resume at 2015 IST. Stay with us...
  • 1925 local time - Good news! We are getting an update that the rain has eased off and the groundsmen are working really hard to get the ground ready. Stick around for latest update...
  • 1906 local time - Here is what Kolkata's official twitter handle has tweeted, 'Punjab were 31 runs ahead of the DLS par score (65/0) when rain stopped play after 8.2 overs. The drizzle has turned to heavy showers right now. Cut off time for play to resume is 8.10 PM IST.' Let's be positive.
  • 1842 local time - Amidst the Gaylestorm, the rain has picked up at Eden Gardens. There is strong breeze blowing across and the umpires call for the covers. Off go the players and we are in for a bit of a delay. Punjab are bossing the game wholly and solely and are well ahead as far as the DLS par score is concerned. That's all we have for now to update you...
  • 8.2SIX! High up in the air, very highhhhhh and over the fence! Tossed up googly, turning away from the southpaw. It doesn't matter for him as he sits down and swipes with a golf-like swing of the bat. It balloons high up in the air and sails over the long on fence for a maximum. He's on 49 and is in no mood to stop but will have to, unfortunately...
  • 8.1Tossed up outside off, cut with the spin through point for a single.
  • Piyush Chawla is back on.
  • 7.6Sensible from Rahul, doesn't try to be overambitious after playing a few dot balls. Goes back and milks one down to long on to keep strike. 89/0
  • 7.5Tossed up outside off, Rahul uses his feet and drives it straight to the cover fielder.
  • 7.4Flattish and shorter in length outside off, punched down to long off for a single.
  • 7.3Goes back to a short ball and tucks it away through the leg side for a single.
  • 7.2KL Rahul was beaten and missed the line of the delivery.
  • Oh no, the breeze has picked up and it has started to drizzle also. Needless to say, Punjab are way ahead of the DL score.
  • 7.1Fractionally short and outside off, Rahul slaps it hard but straight to Rana at point.
  • Sunil Narine is called back.
  • 6.6A bit short and flatter through the air, punched uppishly towards cover. 86/0
  • 6.5Rahul brooms this tossed up delivery behind square on the leg side for a single.
  • 6.4Stays back and crunches it to the sweeper cover for one.
  • 6.3SIX! Bangggggggggg, shouts Pommie Mbangwa on air. Kuldeep tosses it up outside off, Gayle gets down on one knee and clobbers it long way into the stands at long on.
  • 6.2Comes down the track and clips it off the inner half through square leg for a single.
  • 6.1FOUR! Kuldeep Yadav isn't spared either! He drops it short on middle, Rahul is quick to rock back and pull it away through mid-wicket. It just blazed away to the fence.
  • Kuldeep Yadav is brought on to bowl.
  • Strategic break!
  • 5.6Steps out and drives down to long on to end the Powerplay on a high, 73/0! 119 needed off 84 balls. 73/0
  • 5.5FOUR! Cheeky! Flatter delivery on middle and leg, KL Rahul moves across and paddles it fine down the leg side for back-to-back boundaries.
  • 5.4FOUR! That's very poor from Narine! Short ball, on middle and leg, Rahul gets across and pulls it past him at short fine leg. The off spinner could have at least tried to stop it with a dive but he doesn't bother. Lets it through.
  • 5.3Goes deep in the crease and punches it through cover for one.
  • 5.2Woooof! Had Gayle hit that, it would have cleared Eden Gardens! Chawla bowls a googly and sends it quicker through the air. Chris gets down and swings with all his might but fails to connect.
  • 5.1Shimmies down the track and works it against the spin through mid-wicket for a single.
  • 4.6FOUR! And all the good work has been undone here! Full and fired down leg, Gayle gets down and helps it over backward square leg for a boundary to spoil the over. 62/0
  • 4.5Flattish outside off, Chris Gayle once again pushes it away.
  • 4.4Once again stays glued inside the crease and pushes it away with an angled blade towards backward point.
  • 4.3Stands back, watches the ball carefully and blocks it out off the back foot.
  • 4.2Flatter delivery, close to off. punched off the back foot to the cover fielder.
  • 4.1Tossed up delivery on middle, eased down to long on by Rahul for a single.
  • Sunil Narine into the attack now.
  • 3.6What a ripper from Rana! He has been bowling well in the tournament. Bowls a seam up delivery, it skids back in, Gayle just about manages to keep it out. 57/0
  • This is not good for Kolkata. Andre Russell fell flat on the floor after bowling the previous delivery and seems to have hurt his hamstring. He isn't able to bowl and is limping off the field. They will hope that, he recovers soon. Meanwhile, Nitish Rana, the man with the golden arm will complete Russell's pending over...
  • 3.5SIX! Now a biggie! 18 already from the over, the Punjab openers have put on an exhibition here. Russell digs in a short ball outside off, Gayle makes room and throws his bat at it. Slices it high and over the third man fence for a maximum. Russell slips in his followthrough and is down on the ground in agony.
  • 3.4FOUR! Sensible batting! It was the slower delivery from Russell, Gayle makes room and slaps it through the gap at cover for a boundary. 50 comes up for Punjab in just 22 balls.
  • 3.3Eases a full ball to mid on and takes a quick single.
  • 3.2Good length delivery on middle and leg, half-pulled through square leg for a single.
  • 3.1SIX! Back-to-back maximums for Punjab! This is sensational start from them. Russell bowls a length delivery on middle, right in the zone for Chris Gayle. He takes his front leg out of the way and smokes it over mid-wicket. Into the stands she goes.
  • 2.6SIX! Picked the bones out of that one! Rahul waits on the back foot, gets a short ball and he dispatches it from his sight. Off the sweet portion of the bat and bags a maximum over the deep mid-wicket fence. 39/0
  • 2.5Short delivery, angling in on the body, Gayle stays back and places his pull shot towards mid-wicket for a single.
  • 2.4FOUR! On a length and curling back in a touch, Gayle swings powerfully across the line. He gets it off the inside edge but beats Narine at square leg and it scurries through to the fence.
  • 2.3Very good comeback from Mavi! Slants it on a fuller length outside off, a little bit of movement away. Gayle once again tries to repeat the previous shot but this time he gets beaten. Wasn't far away from kissing the outside edge.
  • 2.2FOUR! Up and over! Not perfectly timed but it doesn't matter! Good length delivery, angling away, Gayle clears the front leg and launches it over extra cover for a boundary.
  • 2.1A touch short in length around off, jagging back in sharply, Rahul keeps it out from the inner half of the bat towards square leg and crosses.
  • 2.1Wide! Mavi slips a full ball down the leg side, KL tries to flick but misses.
  • 1.6A bouncer to surprise the batsman. Around leg and Gayle ducks at the last moment. 22/0
  • 1.5Play and a miss! Russell keeps it very full and outside off, this time Gayle probably is beaten for pace.
  • 1.4FOUR! Russell pitches it too full to his countryman and pays the price. Gayle spots the opportunity and hammers it square of the wicket on the off side for a boundary.
  • 1.3Turns it off his pads on the leg side, finds the gap and takes a single.
  • 1.2FOUR! Another one, not in much control this time. Back of a length ball around off, Rahul moves back and somehow opens the face of the bat at the last moment. Gets enough wood on it to beat short third man.
  • 1.1FOUR! Goes for a boundary first ball, Russell. An overpitched delivery outside off, shaping away, Rahul strides forward and unfurls a lovely square drive for a boundary.
  • Andre Russell to bowl from the other end.
  • 0.6Beautiful bowling, beats Gayle again. Pace and movement from young Mavi. He is in full throttle at the moment. Lands it on a length around off, nipping away, Gayle is squared up in defense and gets beaten. Good start! 9/0
  • 0.5Back of a length delivery outside off, Gayle lets it through to the keeper.
  • 0.4Beaten! The young man is not shying away from the challenge. Bowls a lovely away swinger to Gayle and beats him all ends up.
  • 0.3Another delivery nipping back into the batsman, Rahul closes the face of the bat and helps it in front of square leg for a single.
  • 0.2FOUR! Fine shot this time! Mavi offers just a little bit of width outside off, Rahul is on the front foot with an angled bat and pierces the gap between backward point and short third man.
  • 0.1FOUR! No justice for the bowler! Mavi serves a sharp inswinger around off, Rahul tries to push it through the line but it takes the inside edge and hurries past the stumps to fine leg for a boundary.
  • We are back for the run chase. So, 192 is what the visiting side needs. Chris Gayle and KL Rahul stride out to the middle. Both of them are in tremendous form and it would be interesting to see if they fire on all cylinders right from the onset. The former will take strike and will face Shivam Mavi first up. Here we go....

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