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IPL 2017 Delhi Daredevils Vs Mumbai Indians Live Score (T20)

Match 45 | 06 May, 2017 | Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi

66 / 10 Overs13.4 R/R4.82 Fours5 Sixes3 Extras3

Match Status: Match Ended

Match Result: Mumbai Indians beat Delhi Daredevils by 146 runs

Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Amit Mishra 9 14 0 0
  • Right, then! We've come to the end of a fun-filled day. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. We have two more games coming your way tomorrow. First up it'll be Bangalore hosting Kolkata at M.Chinnaswamy at 1600 local (1030 GMT). And then, Punjab play Gujarat in Mohali at 2000 local (1430 GMT). Hope you join us for it. Till then, goodbye and be well!
  • Man of the Match, Lendl Simmons says that he has been practicing hard. Jokes that he is good as a replacement. Feels that deck was pretty flat and batting friendly. Informs that he wanted to see off the first two over to assess the conditions. Mentions that he is accustomed to playing with Kieron Pollard and so they had a good partnership in the middle. Ends by saying that they wanted to be positive, get the momentum going and that helped them post a total in excess of 200.
  • Mumbai skipper, Rohit Sharma says it was a clinical performance from his side. Lendl Simmons' performance set it up for them and then Kieron Pollard did what he did. Further says that winning by a margin of 146 is a great thing. States that it gives them a lot of confidence looking at their bench strength. Applauds Lendl Simmons' for the way he played and acknowledges his cricketing talent. Mentions there was a lot of dew on the ground later so thought it would be a tighter game. Adds his bowlers put in a terrific performance considering that. Admits that it's a great feeling qualifying for the playoffs but reckons that it was the hard work put in by his teams that has got them there. Praises Jonty Rhodes and credits him for his team's excellent fielding performances and by saying that he's looking forward to their next game against Hyderabad.
  • Delhi skipper, Zaheer Khan says that one could do nothing about the match today. Feels that they stuck to their plans but Mumbai batted well. Reckons that Lendl Simmons and Kieron Pollard took the game away from them. Mentions that they went after the target fearlessly like they did in the previous two games but failed this time around. Conveys that 190 would have been a chaseable target. Ends by saying that they will have to stay positive and play their best cricket in their future games.
  • Another clinical performance from Mumbai. They did the job with the bat first, with Lendl Simmons and Kieron Pollard hitting stunning fifties. And with a score of 200-plus on the board, they put Delhi on the back foot early on. Took wickets early and that put a lot of pressure on the home side's batsmen. They couldn't recover from that as the scoreboard pressure kept mounting and succumbed to the Mumbai bowlers. Especially the spinners, as Harbhajan Singh and Karn Sharma took 3 wickets apiece. With this, Mumbai have become the first team to quality for the playoffs.
  • 13.4OUT! Delhi have been bowled out for 66. This score is one less than what they had against Punjab and their lowest total ever. Tossed up on middle, Zaheer Khan lofts it high towards long on where Nitish Rana fumbles a couple of times, but then eventually manages to hold on to it. MUMBAI WIN BY 146 RUNS! This is officially the highest margin of victory for any side in the history of the Indian T20 League.
  • 13.3The batsman was beaten and missed the line of the delivery.
  • 13.2Tossed up outside off, Zaheer Khan goes for the expansive drive but fails to make connection. Beaten by the sharp turn.
  • 13.1Floats this leg spinner around off, spins away and beats the batsman past the edge.
  • 12.6Outside off on a length, off the outer half it's run down to third man for a single. 66/9
  • 12.5Defended off the back foot by the batsman.
  • 12.4Sharp bouncer from Pandya, it's angling in, Zaheer just about manages to avoid it.
  • 12.3Play and a miss. Hardik gives it a little width as he serves it outside off, looks to cut but misses.
  • 12.2Back of a length outside off, kept out off the back foot from within his crease.
  • 12.1Angling in on middle and leg, too straight which allows Mishra to work it off his pads on the leg side for one.
  • Hardik Pandya comes on to bowl.
  • 11.6The batsman has worked it off his pads behind square. They pick up a single. 64/9
  • 11.5Super bowling this from Karn Sharma. Drops it back of a driving length, Mishra initially gets into position to play the sweep shot but then adjusts. Is still beaten though.
  • 11.4Beaten! Beautifully tossed up leg spinner, around off, beats the outside edge goes into the keeper's gloves.
  • 11.3Extremely full from Karn Sharma, Zaheer Khan drives it to wide long off for one run.
  • 11.2Too full and it's drilled to long off. Single taken.
  • 11.1Tossed up on middle and off, Mishra gets on his rear knee and off the inner half, sweeps it through square leg for a couple of runs.
  • 11.1Wide! Turning away from way outside off, wide called by the umpire.
  • 10.6Flights it up on middle and off, Zaheer Khan prods forward in defense. 58/9
  • 10.5Amit Mishra reverse sweeps this towards backward point and takes a single.
  • Zaheer Khan is the last man in.
  • 10.4OUT! Goes for another one but this time he pays the price for it. One too many it seems for the tailender. Full on off, Shami looks to clear long on. Doesn't middle it well and it's straight down Kieron Pollard's throat. Another one is out of here for Delhi.
  • 10.3SIX! BOOM! A 91m maximum from Mohammed Shami. Loopy and fullish around off, Shami kneels down and slog sweeps it over long for a biggie.
  • 10.2The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.
  • 10.1Stays back to this shorter length ball, turning in on the stumps, punched off the back foot to long on for a single.
  • Harbhajan Singh will bowl out now.
  • 9.6The batsman flicks it away with a wristy shot. They pick up a single. 50 up for Delhi! 50/8
  • 9.5Served aorund off, nudged off the inner half on the leg side for a single.
  • Mohammed Shami comes out to the middle.
  • 9.4OUT! Edged and gone! Once again the Sharma pair does the trick. Karn bowls a flipper, Rabada looks to push at it but gets an outside edge and the ball flies straight to Rohit at first slip. Karn has his second.
  • 9.3Bye! Leg spinner outside off, spins away a lot. Mishra goes after it but fails to reach it. Even Parthiv behind the stumps fails to collect it and the ball runs behind. A bye is taken.
  • 9.2Mishra looks to play it across the line but misses and gets hit on the pads.
  • 9.1Flatter one around middle, spinning away, Mishra dances down the track, looks to defend but fails to get his bat down in time. Is rapped on the front pad and the players start appealing but it's turned down.
  • 8.6The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground. 47/7
  • 8.5Spinning in, Rabada looks to push at it but fails and gets hit on the pads. The players appeal but it's turned down.
  • 8.4The batsman flicks it away with a wristy shot. One run added to the total.
  • 8.3Sliding down leg, clipped to short fine leg.
  • Amit Mishra is out next.
  • Time Out!
  • 8.2OUT! Edged and gone! Sharp catch from Parthiv Patel! Harbhajan bowls it a flatter one outside off, spinning away enough to take the outside edge of Cummins' bat, who prods forward to defend. Patel behind the stumps does well to hang on to the catch. The players appeal and the umpire raises his dreaded finger straightaway. This is a really poor performance from Delhi.
  • 8.1SIX! Clean hit! Fuller delivery on middle, Cummins clears his front leg and tonks it over mid-wicket for a biggie.
  • 7.6Flatter delivery, sliding away, Kagiso looks to defend but misses again. 40/6
  • 7.5Flipper, skidding away from Rabada, who looks to push it across the line but gets beaten.
  • Kagiso Rabada is the next one to bat. There are two slips in place for him.
  • 7.4OUT! Rohit Sharma has taken a stunner! Flatter around middle, spinning away just a touch. Samuels looks to punch it but gets an outside edge and it flies to the right of Rohit at first slip, where the skipper flies to take an absolute beauty of a catch. The Sharma pair gets a wicket. Marlon walks back with a forlorn face.
  • 7.3The batsman has flicked the ball off his pads. One run added to the total.
  • 7.2Leg break delivery outside off, dabbed to point.
  • 7.1Edged but safe! Leg spinner outside off, Cummins goes back to punch but gets an outside edge past first slip for a brace.
  • Karn Sharma to have a go with the ball.
  • 6.6Cummins gets squared up again! Served around middle, spinning away. Cummins looks to play it across the line but gets a leading edge towards cover for a single. 37/5
  • 6.5Spinning away from Cummins. He looks to defend with a straight bat and gets an outside edge. Rohit at first slip, dives to his right to make a good stop.
  • 6.4Shout for lbw! Flatter delivery, sliding in, Cummins kneels down and goes for a big slog. Misses and gets hit on the chest. The players appeal but the umpire turns it down. The replays indicate that it may have gone down the leg side and height was a factor as well.
  • 6.3The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.
  • 6.2Full around off, eased down to long off for a single.
  • 6.1Straighter one outside off, Samuels looks to guide it late but fails to make any connection.
  • 5.6On a length outside off, dabbed to point. A boundary and a wicket off the over. 35/5
  • Pat Cummins walks out to the middle.
  • 5.5OUT! Another one bites the dust! Short and angling away, Anderson stays tall and looks to muscle it over wide long on. Fail to get enough power behind it and the ball travels towards Karn Sharma in the deep, who takes a good, clean catch. Delhi have lost half their side now.
  • 5.4On a length outside off, Anderson looks to punch it on the up but gets beaten.
  • 5.3Length delivery, angling away, dabbed towards short third man.
  • 5.2FOUR! Pierced! Fuller length delivery on middle and leg, Anderson clears his front leg and tonks it uppishly through the gap between mid on and mid-wicket for a boundary.
  • 5.1Length delivery, defended off the back foot.
  • Lasith Malinga back on.
  • 4.6Lbw shout! Served around middle, spinning in, Samuels goes back to defend but fails to get his bat back down in time. Gets rapped on the pads and the players start appealing. It's turned down and the replays show that it was going down leg. Good decision, that! 5 runs and a wicket off the over! 31/4
  • 4.5Spinning in from around off, defended with the spin towards mid-wicket.
  • Marlon Samuels to bat next.
  • 4.4OUT! Harbhajan strikes! And for the fourth time, a bowler has picked up a wicket in his first over. Singh expects Nair to come down the track and drags his length back. Nair does come down and looks to heave it over mid-wicket but fails to get elevation. Rohit Sharma at short mid-wicket takes a sharp catch. Delhi have lost their top order now. They are in big, big trouble.
  • 4.3Nair uses his feet, gets to the pitch and clips it towards short mid-wicket.
  • 4.2Fuller around off, flicked wide of mid on for a single.
  • 4.1FOUR! Nutmegged! Served outside off, Anderson goes after it. Gets a bottom edge and the ball goes through Parthiv's legs and to the fence behind.
  • Harbhajan Singh is brought on to bowl.
  • 3.6FOUR! Up and over! Short delivery, Nair gets underneath it and upper cuts it over the keeper's head for a boundary. He is looking really good out there. 26/3
  • 3.5Length delivery, angling away, Anderson looks to dab it but then opts to leave it at the last moment. Ends up bottom edging it towards backward point for a single.
  • 3.4Pitched outside off, pushed through covers for a single.
  • 3.3Length delivery outside off, dabbed to backward point.
  • Corey Anderson is next in.
  • 3.2OUT! Pant holes out! Another Mumbai bowler strikes in his first over today. Slower back of a length delivery, angling away, Pant looks to pull it but is early into his shot. The ball goes off the toe end straight to Simmons in the deep, who is not going to drop those. Mumbai on fire! Delhi are in big trouble now!
  • 3.1Back of a length delivery, angling away, Pant mistimes his pull towards mid on.
  • Jasprit Bumrah is brought into the attack.
  • 2.6SIX! Nair on fire! Slower short delivery, angling away, Nair gets forward a touch and pulls it over mid-wicket for a maximum. He has taken the responsibility on his shoulders now. 14 runs from the over! 20/2
  • 2.5Good comeback from McClenaghan! He bangs it short, angling away. Nair goes through with his pull but the pace does him.
  • 2.4FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries! Slower back of a length delivery, Karun stands tall and pulls it over mid-wicket for a boundary.
  • 2.3FOUR! Clever stuff from Nair! Back of a length delivery, angling away. Nair uses the pace of the ball and ramps it over the slip cordon for a boundary.
  • 2.2Back of a length delivery angling away, Nair makes room to cut but ends up chopping it towards cover-point.
  • 2.1Fuller around leg, Nair backs away and drives it to mid on.
  • 1.6Malinga comes from around the wicket and fires it full outside off, driven with the angle to mid on. 6/2
  • Rishabh Pant is in at No.4.
  • 1.5OUT! Malinga strikes! Slow bouncer around off, Iyer goes for the pull but is early into his shot. Gets a top edge and the ball lobs straight to Harbhajan at short mid-wicket, who pouches it with ease. Mumbai are off to a great start! 150th Indian T20 League wicket for Lasith Malinga!
  • 1.4Length delivery on middle, punched to short mid-wicket.
  • 1.3Leg bye! A touch back of a length around off, Nair swivels and looks to pull it on the leg side but misses. The ball goes off the body behind square on the off side. A leg bye is taken.
  • 1.2On a length on middle, defended down the track.
  • 1.1Length delivery on middle, Iyer covers his stumps and works it on the leg side for a single.
  • Lasith Malinga will bowl from the other end.
  • 0.6Shortish delivery, dabbed on the off side for a quick single. 4/1
  • 0.5Back of a length delivery, angling away, chopped down the wicket.
  • 0.4Length delivery, tucked towards short mid-wicket for a single.
  • 0.3Back of a length, angling away from Iyer. He gets across and has a slash at it. Gets it off the outer half and the ball flies over point for a single.
  • 0.2Short and wide outside off, cut through cover-point for a single.
  • Shreyas Iyer walks into the middle to bat.
  • 0.1OUT! Gone first ball! Length delivery on middle, angling away, Samson geos through with his heave and finds Simmons in the deep, who takes a great catch. The West Indian can do nothing wrong today. The in-form Sanju Samson departs for a golden duck. Mumbai couldn't have asked for a better start.
  • We are back for the chase. Sanju Samson and Karun Nair to open the innings for Delhi. Mitchell McClenaghan to start the proceedings with the ball.

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